life as it happens

I feel this is a long time coming, but I am delighted to announce a photographic collaboration with my friend Chrystine.  We met years ago on Flickr, both with a deep love for photography, both capturing our daily lives or should I say the minutiae of life.

A quote from author, Simon Van Booy, best describes our photographic habits and collaboration.

“I would randomly take pictures of nothing in particular. How else could you record life as it happens?”

Our collaboration isn’t the first of its kind, others have done the same, and very well I might add.  This is our version of ‘life as it happens’. Join us.



san francisco lifestyle photography
summer 2013


By the way, Chrystine says it all so much more eloquently than I ever could. Read it here.

Left: Cindy| Contax Aria | Fuji Superia 1600

Right: Chrystine | Nikon FG 20 | Agfa Vista Plus 100



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