backlight and hasselblad

After an afternoon shoot today, I came home to beautifully diffused light. Thanks to the overcast skies.  I quickly grabbed my Hasselblad, slapped on the polaroid back and a package of pack film to shoot, yet again. No complaints here though, I love shooting.  I set up a small table against a window with sheer curtains, a perfect light diffuser and clicked away. Flora and Fauna were my muses. I must add, the softness of the images from the polaroid back makes everything look romantic, to me. Here are some of the images.

flower portraits
new plant from my friend nathiya
flower portraits
ranunculus - fading
lifestyle photography
a lillet with blood orange
lifestyle photograpy
a little ivy i clipped that was creeping over from the neighbor's yard


  • i agree, i can’t get enough of that romantic instant fujifilm on my hasselblad lately, as i think you know. love your crop of the ivy in the second image.

  • I love that soft light and the softness of the focus, too.
    I’ve been wanting to borrow a Hasselblad and a Polaroid back from work lately and this might be the push I needed.

  • I love all of these, but that last one did me in. It makes me sad to think that I never got any pola action with my RZ67!

  • So romantic Cindy. Where in the world did you get that tablecloth? Do you know what type of material it is? It has amazing texture.

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