food thursday: making boba tea & lunching with friends

Personal work, it’s the best thing to fine tune your craft.  I shoot personal work daily, every day, even if it’s just a few photos here and there. You don’t have to have an elaborate setting. Just shoot in your home, when you’re out walking around, visiting a store (always get permission), dining…etc. Shoot you’re friends and family, they’ll thank you later.

Here are images I shot last week, around my home, out for coffee with a friend, lunch with friends and Food Thursday, where we made homemade Boba Tea, which is quite easy I’ve discovered.


Nikon F100 | 35mm f/2 | Fuji Pro 400H



  • A very pretty compilation (and pretty cat). My youngest daughter, who aspires to be a photographer, absolutely loves your work. I’m sure she’ll take your advice on fine tuning her skills to heart. (I’ve bookmarked this post for her.)

  • Your personal work is so magical! You get the most beautiful tones from 400H, and that’s no small feat. The tea infusing images are my favorites.

  • These are beautiful pictures. loved the light and shadows in pictures. and you instagram feeds are just awesome ! have a nice week!

  • Hey Cindy

    I want to discuss a project with you. If you could email me that would be great bc I don’t seem to have the right email for you. 😉



  • These are all gorgeous, especially the last landscape one. You always manage to make the simplest things look incredibly beautiful.

  • […] has a distinct, classic, lovely style that’s only gotten better and better over the years. She recently blogged about the importance of “personal work”—photographing things in your daily life and routines, rather than settling into the habit of […]

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