family portrait session in sf – 2 month old autumn with mom & dad

Some images from a December portrait session. Beautiful Autumn with her parents at 2 months old.


  • I’ve always loved the name Autumn. Such a beautiful baby — and that hair! So stylish! (How is that even possible?)

  • Cindy, these are fantastic! That third to last photo nearly stopped my heart! If I was the parent I would have that up on my wall (in a massive size) in a heart beat.

  • Oh my goodness, look at all that hair! I was bald til I was two, haha!

    I agree with Jackie, Autumn is such a gorgeous name.

    Beautiful work as always Cindy!

  • I love the one with her papa. You can tell she’s just like, “Yeah, I know I’m adorable.” 🙂

  • I love this session. That first photo is just so beautiful, I absolutely love it. I am so happy that I stumbled on your work, so inspiring.

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