These days, Seth is all about the mixed drinks.  We have stocked up the bar and acquired all the assorted accoutrements that are required to mix drinks.  Now we are on the lookout for antique cordial and champagne glasses, the collection is still small. But, the fun is in the hunt and search. Seth likes to practice mixing and I’m his guinea pig, so to speak.  Below are a series of photos from Sunday afternoon, where Seth is trying to perfect one of our favorite drinks, Laughing Water. I think it’s getting close to perfection.

If you are interested, the drink consists of rye, vermouth, pineapple juice, lemon and a dusting of nutmeg.


  • My husband is all about this as well recently
    For his wedding anniversary this year I got him an antique grandmother clock with shelving built into the middle section and a tiny cupboard underneath and filled it with various things to make drinks as well as several vintage cocktail books. It makes me so happy to see other people enjoying mixed drinks like this 🙂

  • When my daughter gets married, I know who to ask. After shooting the wedding, Seth can tend bar. 🙂

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