Expired 800Z

Some images with expired Fuji 800Z 35mm. Grainy shizz.


  • Wonderful… Just a question on your technique using this film + the F100: Do you expose manually or use one of the more auto modes (such as Aperture?) Also, what metering mode do you use for these on your F100? Just curious because I know people love the 800z. I’m just not having that much luck with it. So far I’ve been using Matrix metering & Aperture exposure mode.

  • Hi Adrian – For the F-100, I always over expose by one stop. If I put in a roll of say 400 ISO film, I set my ISO to 200. Shoot on Aperture. Have the roll developed as though I shot it at 400. When I shoot with my Hasselblad, everything is manual and I still over expose by one. If I have a roll of 400 ISO film, I set my meter at 200 ISO. There are other methods of over exposing, but that is the method I use. Depending on the situation, light and film, I will sometimes over expose by 2, but that is more rare.

  • Merci Beaucoup! How cool – I was just thinking about over-exposing, but by means of changing the recommended shutter speed (while leaving the ISO @ DX), which has a different effect. I too place main emphasis on my choice of Aperture, so I didn’t want to change that. Your ISO method is much smarter. Thanks for the tip!

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