The point and shoot Leica

Yes, there is such a camera. I was lucky enough to happen upon such a camera over a month ago, while we were enjoying Sunday Streets in the Dog Patch. A gentleman was having a sidewalk sale, I spied a few cameras and the cute little Leica caught my eye. He gave it to me for a song.

The camera is the Leica AF-C1. It’s Leica’s first point and shoot, dual lens and pretty much automatic everything. It’s compact and light. Perfect for street shooting, or just fun little snapshots when you don’t really want to lug around your heavy DSLR or Medium Format cameras.  The Leica AF-C1 is now always in my camera bag. Perfect for when I want to take casual snapshots.  The camera takes a 6V lithium battery (2CR5), kind of a pain to find, but I found it on the interwebs and stocked up.  So far, the battery has lasted and still working.

The photos below are taken with Kodak Portra 400 35mm.  I think they are decent in exposure, but at times while shooting , the camera craved more light.  I now have a roll of Fuji 800Z loaded and I look forward to seeing how those photos turn out.  My prediction is the 800iso may be the magic number for the lovely Leica AF-C1.


  • wow
    that’s a pretty sweet focus for a point and shoot.
    oh, leica. so gorgeous, cindy.
    is that “the window”?
    for some reason i thought there was no wall beside it!

  • oh i love these! especially the ones of emma with the dark background and of course, the ones of your home. what a nifty little camera.

  • These are so cute. I’m loving the ones of seth and emma at the breakfast table. Morning people for sure, haha. :).

  • these are wonderful, what a great find.

    we’re going to put film in our rolleicord for the first time tomorrow, wish us luck 🙂

  • Omnivore and Beretta? That’s my end of the Mission! 🙂 Great feel to these; there’s something just so charming about film.

  • Where’s the fave button for the last four photos, please.

  • Another exceptional series of shots. Film can really capture the “something” that digital can’t. Especially like the morning scenes.

  • Hi Gordon!

    Stock up on batteries for this little Leica. It’s super fun. I’m currently trying out a roll of 3200 bw. Crossing my fingers that it’s awesome. 🙂

  • how did the 800iso film work out for you? any chance of sending a link of where you purchased the batteries, they are proving difficult to find! thank you

  • Hi – thanks for sharing you images and thoughts – pretty much on the weight of this article, I went and bought a second hand (obviously) af-c1 from ebay. I was tempted to go with it’s minolta counterpart but partially vanity, partially kudos, but largly the fact that I’d read about the fact it’s the same as the minolta, apart from the lense which is Leica. Judging by these shots – the quality is unique and very special. Something I’ve been looking for, for years.

    Anyway – just wanted to say – thanks! keep an eye out on my site for a future plug / review.

  • […] The model I’ve got isn’t one of the higher end units professional units – who’s price tag is often in the four figure neighborhood – mine is (or was – discontinued, early in the late 80s) a consumer ‘point and shoot’ dual lens. There’s a 40mm 2.8 and an 80mm lense to switch between. It’s been referred to as ‘the ultimate street shooter’ camera – a characteristic I’m hoping to exploit. The quality of the image it creates is really quite stunning – as Cindy Loughridge demos to great effect here. […]

  • Hello, I stumbled on your website researching my new Leica AF-C1 that i recently got from a second hand store for only $2 bucks. I was compelled to comment and tell you that you have beutiful photos and I’m excited to try this camera out after seeing what you have done. Happy shooting and once again beutiful work.


  • I have one of these!
    The only problem I have is that the camera wont fire in anything less that full sunlight. It often wont work at all indoors. Or am I doing something wrong?
    Great shots.

  • Hello Cindy, I´m looking at one of these leicas to complement my, new to me, Rollei 24 / 30 mm, This pictures are amazing and looks like it will be the right camera, I only have one question, do you like the lens at 80mm?, I´m not asking about performance, just, Do you like the pictures. I have seen many pictures with the camera, but no one says whats the focal length used, so Do you like it or do you mainly use it as a 40mm camera?

  • Jesus – I mainly use the 40mm lens, but have used 80mm at a baseball game and it wasn’t so bad except the flash comes up at 80mm. Such a fun camera.

  • I’ve had one since they came out, because I bought it new. Really nice grip and manual lens cover. Got some great shots over the years, because it’s such a simply smart camera.

  • Hi. Great images. I have just got this camera this morning. I am looking forward to using it tomorrow. Looks strong, simple and film ! Hope the weather is good in USA, been dreadful here in UK !! All the best, good luck and regards.

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