Alice comes to town

Alice Gao, aka The Cheshire Smile, came to SF for a quick visit. Yes, very quick.  We had a full day to give her the whirlwind tour of our lovely city.

Alice and Jimmy came by our apartment first. Something about wanting to see “the window”.  🙂

You can see that photo here.

We then headed over to Blue Bottle Mint, to meet up with Pei, Chris and Jackie.

I only took one photo at Blue Bottle, as I was starving.  That’s my rose geranium tea. Fragrant. Delicious.

Then we headed off to the mission district. One of the many places we always take visitors. It’s colorful, always sunny and of course for the food.

Clarion Alley was our first stop.

They jumped a lot on Saturday. More jumping photos to follow.

We then headed to Four Barrel coffee. The wind got to us and we needed warming up.

After Four Barrel, it was finally time to walk the six blocks to Foreign Cinema for brunch (or second breakfast) and to finally meet up with Seth.

The light at Foreign Cinema is divine, you can almost just dine on the light itself. But, we are foodies and we needed to be fed.

After we were satiated, we headed off to Bi-Rite for ice cream. That cold wind could not stop us. No siree. Alas, I didn’t take any photos at Bi-Rite, since I was chowing down my double scoop of Salted Caramel + Brown Sugar with Ginger Caramel Swirl. Nom.  Seth did take a few photos of us, even though I told him photos of people eating are not attractive.  That warning did not stop him from clicking away.

The next stop was The Painted Ladies, in Alamo Square. We hardly ever go out that way, so it was fun to take some touristy shots in front of the ladies.

See? Lots of jumping.  Little beans.

This is our one and only group shot. Taken with the Fisheye and the self-timer. Um, not sure what Seth was up to in this photo. Clown.

The Golden Gate Bridge was the last iconic stop. You cannot visit SF without seeing and photographing the bridge. It’s a must. She’s beautiful and photogenic.

Our last stop for the day was for more food. It was so cold shooting the bridge, the only thing that could warm us up was Genki Ramen, in the Richmond District. Believe it or not, we were all famished. I blame it on the cold and wind.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take one photo at Genki. Oh well.

I look forward to seeing Alice again, either here in SF or in NYC.  It’s looking more like NYC at this time, since we plan to head out there in December.

Thanks for letting us be your tour guides in SF, Alice.  It was a fabulous day.


  • loove the fish-eye shots! too fun.

    you guys are the coolest gaggle of photographers ever.
    also, i’m still trying to convince jimmy he’d enjoy a pedicure but he thinks he isn’t as “cool” as seth and thus can’t get one. 😛

    next time, i want to spend more time with the kittehs!

  • That was my first jump shot. True story. Chris and Pei are obviously masters at it, and Alice and Jimmy aren’t too shabby either! So fun.

  • Super fun shots! Like the softness of the last few shots at the bridge. The last picture looks like everyone was fighting the wind.

  • The portrait of Alice in front of the bridge is fantastic! Did you shoot with 85mm f/1.8?

  • When I saw this post, I was thinking, “It’s ironic that I just read Alice’s post to SF.” And then all of a sudden, BOOM- there she was. I read her blog everyday, so this was really random. Lovely photos in front of The Painted Ladies. I want to visit SF someday. It’s gorgeous. And you’re lucky you’re chilly with the wind. It’s 100 degrees in Virginia right now!

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