This year marks Emma’s first Junior Prom.  Even though she went last year, this is “her” Junior Prom.  For 2011, Emma’s high school combined the Junior and Senior prom, I guess that’s the trend at the moment. Not sure though.

I would go into details about finding the dress, shoes, hairstyle. But, it would be way too long of a post.  In the end, it all worked out. What a relief.

Here are a few of the pre-prom portraits. Enjoy!


  • Aww. Sweet photos, Cindy! The bokeh is outta control (in a good way, of course!) in some of these. Unfortunately I never went to my prom because I was decidedly too punk rock for proms, heh. Hope Emma had a good time. 🙂

  • so sweet!! the girls look stunning! did that kid really wear a hat to prom, though?

  • so gorgeous! emma and her friends are gonna have the BEST prom portraits in history haha. and what a classy dress – wish i had the sense back then to wear something simple like that! i remember my dress was all sorts of peacock greens/turquoise and i’ve never touched it since that night hahah.

  • A very nice set.

    Agree with Jodi about the hat. It should’ve been left at home.

  • cindy, prom?? oh so sweet. i have one more year, for my oldest, but he speaking of it already.

    your daughter and her friend are gorgeous. and emma’s shoes… killer. ; )
    i adore the young mans hat. so cool.


  • Seems like so long ago for me… loving the peacock feather in her corsage.

  • Your girl is so pretty! The image of her looking over her shoulder is so priceless. The most fun part of going to prom that I can recall was the dress & hair. 🙂

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