*emera messenger bag giveaway!

What would you carry inside your new *emera messenger bag?

Starting today and until Friday, leave a comment on this blog post and you will be entered to win the green unisex *emera messenger bag.

Click here, to see what Seth (doublecappuccino) carries in his emera messger bag.


  • i would love to win. i love my regular emera bag but i really love the idea of the over the shoulder strap for outings with my own.

  • Oooh an emera camera bag! Nice! I’d carry my Canon of course, and my two lenses and my……

  • I would not be the one filling this bag, but my best friend Emma Knight, who is an avidly blooming photographer. She has a Nikon as well as a few other cameras. She carries them everywhere, and this bag would be a perfect graduation gift for her.

  • We have two winners!

    Ashleigh Brooke and Chelsea Victoria. Congratulations!

    Ashleigh will receive the circle print messenger and Chelsea, who entered for her boyfriend, will receive the green messenger bag.

    Thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway. What great responses!

    Ashleigh and Chelsea, please email me via my contact page with your email and address.

  • Let’s see, my cam. And than it’s depending which one to take if the son joins or not… My Bronica ETRS and Nikon D7k (no son involved) or a smaller Yashica electro, (the son joins the trip!)
    From this point on it also involves his little ambulance toy,(for playing), his small teddybear (for comfort) diper and wet tissues (comfort for the zone below), a fresh romper (for when it went wrong). And some stuff that’s get’s you anywhere. (like some money to take the bus and the phone to call when you ran out of it)

    Thanx for sharing your nice look on stuff like this cool bag!

  • What a great looking bag. I think i’ll have to buy this model also.

  • OMG!
    This bag is so cool and awesome.
    I’d love to have this bag by my waist for the whole day , even 24 hours.
    Plus with my camera in it, im sure it will make a good companion.
    How can I get this bag?
    I’m really really interested in it.
    Please let me know more about it!

    Thank You!
    Have a nice day!

  • Camera, iPhone, bottle of water and a bag of Haribo gummy bears. All I need for a great day out.

  • In my hypothetical bag, I would carry my Canon AE-1, a couple rolls of film, my little Instax, my D40x w/ a 50mm f/1.4 (until I raise enough money for the D7000) and my glow in the dark Nalgene water bottle!

    Thanks for this contest, I’m crossing my fingers!


  • Is this contest over? I can’t find a deadline. Anyway, if it isn’t, lucky me as it means I still have a chance. 🙂 If I were to win this awesome bag which I absolutely LOVE, I would carry my Canon Rebel XT, which will soon (wishful thinking) be replaced by a Canon 5D, a new lens that I had just purchased today (50mm 1.8), a few pictures of my beautiful family (hubby + 2 boys), a pen or two, and my idea book.

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