Year of the Rabbit

We are finally comfortable enough to share this bit of news.

Seth and I are beyond delighted. We will be welcoming a little *Cinnaccino into the world, approximately October 13th.  I say approximately, because one never knows if the little one will decide to arrive early or late.  But, I think our little baby girl will be on time, since delivery will be scheduled. Plus, we have a wedding to shoot on October 8th.  😉

The news came as quite a shock to us!  I was told that, because of my age, I wouldn’t be able to conceive.  Oh well.  Clearly, Mother Nature had other plans.

So far, we have had all the important tests and results are excellent. A couple more tests will be performed and we are full of confidence the results too will be excellent.

I no longer have morning sickness. Hooray! Actually, it wasn’t that bad. I was only nauseous for two months, and it was only nausea. I’m just dealing with the weird cravings, such as tuna fish sandwiches, which I hardly ever ate before but now eat at least twice a week.  Not to mention the nachos and chocolate.

Emma is ecstatic! She will finally have a sibling and is wishing the baby were already born.

I will most likely post all baby updates on this blog, but will try not to be obnoxious with all the baby news. If, it gets to the obnoxious level, I will start a separate blog. I’m undecided at this point.

I think this is my longest post ever, as I’m not a word-y person. Thanks for taking the time to read our happy news.


  • Congratulations! So very happy for you and your family.

    A long time follower of your amazingly beautiful work, but (I think) first time commenting!


  • Congratulations to you both (and Emma!), what fantastic news. I have to say that you were my inspiration for joining Flickr a couple of years ago and have admired your work ever since – although not been in the habit of putting a comment on, as I’m not usually all that ‘wordy’ either! But just had to comment here (albeit a tad late!) but it just shows you that the old cliche of saying ‘things happen for a reason’ rings very true! Kind regards, Sheree (UK)

  • Wow! I skip for a bit and this is the news I find. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you guys. Good luck with the pregnancy. We’re all waiting to meet Emma’s little sibling.

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