Mission Cheese

Mission Cheese just recently opened, but we have been walking by the store for weeks, or maybe months. Excitedly anticipating it’s grand opening.   Finally, this past Saturday, we met up with our friends Pei & Chris to check out the space and enjoy a lunch together. It’s a small to average size space, with dark charcoal blackboard walls, a gorgeous wood counter and a few tables inside and outside. They have beautiful natural light filtering in, which makes us photographers giddy. Of course, we all pulled out our cameras to snap a few photos.

Me, Seth and Pei ordered the grilled cheese, Chris got the Mac-n-Cheese and a cheese tray. The grilled cheese was made just the way I like it, with grainy mustard and came with a side salad. I loved the dressing on the side salad, tangy and sweet. All in all, we were all happy with our orders. I’m sure like all the other restaurants on Valencia, Mission Cheese will also get busy and I forsee a line forming out the door on a regular basis.  Which is great, I think.  Sarah Dovrak, the owner of Mission Cheese has a blog, you can read about her adventure in opening her beautiful shop. Here.

I cannot wait to go back and sample a few other items on the menu and some cheese.

Here are some photos of Mission Cheese.


  • I love your restaurant photos! (Also, cheese + pickles + bread is perhaps one of the best combos ever.)

    Your shots really make me want to try MF!

  • I wanted to go there after seeing Pei’s pictures, but now I really can’t wait! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • The flowers are so darling. Those folks at Mission Cheese really know how to tug at the photographer’s heart, eh? 🙂

    Also, I’m totally with Sara – I always put pickles on my grilled cheese. It’s the best. Next time I’m in town, my mixr vote goes to this place!

  • guhhhh, everything looks amazing once you shoot it. i would love to get my butt over here!

  • oooh I didn’t know they did FOOD too – I thought it was just a cheese shop! Gorgeous photos (as always).

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