nyc – fashion’s night out 2010, plus some brooklyn and chelsea

A few more images of NYC.

All are from either the Hasselblad 500cm, Mamiya 645AF and Nikon F100.


Fashions Night Out – Alexa Chung with fan on the right and Albert Hammond of the Strokes on the left (at MadeWell)

More images from Fashions Night Out

And a couple of images from the very haunted Chelsea Hotel


  • ooh, i hate to sound like a broken record but as always, i love your film work! the creaminess of the background in that shot with the girl in the white button up is killing me.

  • Thanks, Alice. She’s a J.Crew employee. I loved her style and she was kind enough to pose for a photo. It was crazy in J.Crew during Fashions Night Out. But, so much fun.

  • Your blog is wonderful!! I’m totally in love with your NY pictures <33
    So.. I'm not a big fan of The Strokes but I think that the guy on the forth picture is fabrizio moretti… don't know.. loool

  • I just absolutely adore your work. I have followed you for sooo long on Flickr, and always look forward to seeing “new from your contacts” and Cinnamon pops up! 😉

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