NYC 2010

Ten days in NYC. Well, it was really 11 days because we missed our flight. Not on purpose though.

I big fat fluffy heart love NYC. I can’t even express in words how much I love that city.

We took so many photos, digital and film.  Between Seth and I, we shot 30+ rolls and Emma shot 6 or 7 rolls herself.

We walked a lot, took the subway, the yellow cabs and then walked more.

Food was consumed. Not just food in the plain sense of the word. Amazing, delicious, incredible food.

Thank goodness we walked a lot.

As for the photos, I’ve been thinking about how, when and in what order to post all the photos.  But, I don’t want to be that “person”, the one makes you sit down and look at every single vacation photo they took.  Ha!

So here are a few, more than a few I guess.  Look at them, don’t look at them. But, this is where I’ll post the majority of our NYC 2010 vacation photos.


Landing in NYC

Entering the subway

NYC subway (Emma’s first time, of course I had to take a photo)

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

That’s all for now.  I’ll post more later this week.


  • These are absolutely lovely pictures. Beautiful tones, as always. I’m looking forward to seeing more pics from your trip!

  • Hey now, it’s not like you’re my Aunt Mildred who wants me to look at 20 different shots of her dog wearing floaties in the Florida ocean or something. Your vacation photos are gorgeous and I was actually surprised this post was so short! Can’t wait to see more. I big fat fluffy heart love NYC, too. Magic city, much like SF 🙂

  • Great shots Cindy! I wish I could have taken more outside when I went but it rained the entire time!

    I love that place.

  • love this set cindy! i’m sorry i wasn’t able to meet up with you guys…i was in buffalo!

  • Very nice shots. I spent 4 years in the city (years ago) and never really had/took time to see all the little things you found.

    Also I’m happy for you that your daughter seems that she’s into photography.

    What film did you use and where can I find those shots?

  • love all the photos, especially the one of the typewriter and the one with emma’s hair in the wind.
    maybe emma should post some of her shots on her blog…*hint, hint*

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