Discovering our new neighborhood

We love our new ‘hood.  It is quiet, almost a little too quiet, that’s only because we lived in the noisiest part of town for three years.  We’ve been enjoying evening walks while it’s still daylight saving hours and when it’s not so cold and foggy. One of our first discovery is Billy Goat Hill, just up the street from us. The climb is meandering so it’s not so bad, once you arrive there is a rope swing for the adventurous (not me, I’m a chicken). The view of the city is spectacular, even better when it’s not so windy. The other night, we decided to walk a little farther after hanging out at Billy Goat. We walked down Laidley, such a great street with non cookie cutter homes, I love that about San Francisco. Along Laidley, there is Harry Street, it’s not so much a street but a stairway. One of 300 hundred stairways in the city. There are 241 steps up Harry Street, each one picturesque. Harry Street (stairway) is magical with verdant gardens on both sides and the homes are fairytale like.

Harry Street is tucked away off of Laidley, pretty easy to miss if you are not looking. This is the San Francisco the tourists do not get to see or enjoy. Kind of sad, but a blessing to the locals, I think.


Here are a few photos from our evening walk last night.



Nikon D700 | Sigma 50mm f/1.4



  • Thanks so much, Chris. Come visit and we’ll take you and your family to all our favorite places in the city.

  • Always awesome photography! Olive is so cute and always very happy! Thanks for sharing Harry Street!

  • gorgeous photos, your neighbourhood looks lovely 🙂

    what a cutie Olive is & I love the shot of Emma jumping.

  • DEFINITELY checking out that stairway next time I’m in town! That looks like a beautiful climb.

  • i love all of these. looks like you’re having fun exploring your new surroundings! olive is so presh, i love her expression – almost like she’s saying ‘look out world, i’m here!’

  • your new neighbourhood is gorgeous! I want to jump into photo 5 and live there.
    wonderful photos, Cindy 🙂

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