Spectra Film

I’ve been getting back into shooting more instant film, especially with my Polaroid Spectra AF camera. Cannot tell you all how in love I am with the original Spectra film, which is no longer readily available, unless you want to pay with an arm and a leg for what’s available on eBay.

Recently, I shot my last couple of frames with the expired Spectra film.  Wow. The tones are to die for. I love the dreamy quality of the expired film.

For the next post, I will share photos from my first few shots with the Impossible Project’s version of Spectra Film, the PZ 680 Color Shade.  It’s quite lovely too, but finicky while developing.


  • Beautiful stuff, Cindy! I’m dying to jump on the Pola train but the price of it is a little scary! I’ve been thinking… Since you don’t have to pay for processing, do you feel the cost of shooting instant vs ‘regular’ film evens out a bit in that regard?

  • The price is a little steep, just shoot one pack at a time, but do it mindfully. Just saw a One Step SX_70 on Etsy the other day for a song….$30. 😉

  • Love it. It really looks like a painting.

    Sadly, I sold my One Step Pola camera a few weeks ago on eBay. The film price was a bit too steep for me.

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