Planet Olive

I have not had an official Maternity Session, yet. The documentation of Planet Olive has been sporadic, but these are my favorite images by far. One Sunday morning, when we weren’t booked for portrait sessions, or anything else for that matter (rare indeed), Seth took these with my Hasselblad 500CM and a Polaroid Back. It was still early morning and the light coming in our bedroom windows were quite ideal, especially for the 100 ISO film, which can be finicky at times. We had other cameras to shoot with, but someone (me) forgot to load the film. Haha.  My bad.

I will have my official Maternity Session, though not until mid September, by Ashley McNamara.  We’re doing a trade. She shoots my belly and I shoot her family. Fair trade, I say.

Below is Planet Olive, taken around 27 or 28 weeks.


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