Four bridges

That’s how many bridges I drove across to go visit friends this past Saturday.  4. Wow. I think that’s a record for me.

Here are the bridges in order.

Bay Bridge

Carquinez Bridge

Richmond San Rafael

Golden Gate Bridge

The last bridge (Golden Gate) was crossed to get home, which still counts.

I think we need a FasTrak Pass. 🙂

The morning started out at Diyosa’s new house.  I was there to visit and to demonstrate the proper usage of the Chemex.  Diyosa called me the door to door Chemex sales person. Haha.  Nope, I was just sharing my knowledge of how to correctly brew with the Chemex and she did admit the coffee tasted better then when she tried brewing it herself the first time.  We had a great time noshing and just being us.  Good times.

Then I was off to visit my friend Karen and her family in their new home. Which is lovely and charming.  They treated me like a queen and fed me quite well.  Thanks you guys!  It was fun to just sit around and catch up, follow the Giants game a bit and take some photos right before the magic hour light.

Below are photos of the day.  I only took one photo at Diyosa’s, not sure why I didn’t take more. Maybe cuz I was waiting for the coffee to kick in.  The rest are from my visit with Karen.

I absolutely love these summery images.


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