If you’re looking for a great brunch, head over to Plow in Potrero Hill.  We love that they open at 8am on the weekends, most brunch places open at 9am or later. I’m an early bird.

Great down home food.

We haven’t tried everything on the menu, but everything we’ve tried is excellent. Plus, they have awesome natural light. Win!


  • Love. 🙂 I just ran into Pei and her husband there last Sunday! Fabulous place and Maxine did the flowers for my wedding back when they owned Stem.

  • there’s a big chance i might be going to SF in early june for a quick trip!!

    going to email you if i can confirm it. 😀

    liking the wider shots here. i really want to get the 35mm.

  • Emily…that’s so cool to know that the owners owned Stem before Plow.

  • OMGosh…I love the 35mm f/2. It’s really fast and sharp. I’m so glad it’s in our arsenal of lenses. Can’t wait until June!

  • yummy pictures!!
    lovely bokeh in every picture 😀
    i saw that you tagged this post as “Cinnamon Rose Actions and Presets”… may i ask you which one did you use to process your pictures?? thanks a lot ^_^

  • nice bag…Emma look so pretty n all grown up , very nice i like all pics and food dish making me hungry,all n all great pics, great job.

  • Really like this serie and your view on it!!
    Great light and stunning captures!

  • That looks soooo good! I’m putting this place on my list for my next trip to San Francisco.

  • Great set of photos Cindy. When I went to SF, I went to Plow as well haha Everything you said about this place is what I thought as well. Such great, simple decor with awesome natural light. I had to be careful to not let my food get cold as I was snapping away!

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