Big sister Emma

to little sister Olive.

Emma is “over the moon” (her words) about the arrival of Olive. She text’d me today and said she’s obsessed with looking at baby clothes on-line. Emma thinks that Olive should have a pair of baby-sized Toms shoes. I reminded her that the baby wouldn’t be able or need to wear shoes for awhile.

I remember a month ago, we watched the documentary “Babies” together and she said, I wish Olive was here already. I do too. But, Olive needs to bake in the oven for at least six more months. 🙂


  • LOL @ all the gestation metaphors. That was a good nightcap.

    These photos of Emma are utterly gorgeous. And awwwwwww the new beeb’s name is Olive. Super cute!

  • So exciting. I always wished for a sibling, but I never got one. What a thrill to have one on the way. And I assume she’s been an only child up until now. With such a large age difference, there won’t be the same kind of competition. Very exciting for her. And Emma is lovely.

  • I don’t know if I’ve ever comment you of flickr, but I’ve been a big fan of yours over there for some years now, and I’ve missed Emma’s photos since you decided to stop uploading them (I suppose because disgusting comments :(). She brights so much 🙂

  • please don´t let her go blond! such beautiful pictures! and she does look like you a lot, specially the eyes.

  • such a thrilling time. for everyone. so excited that you have so much love around you… little olive will sense that big time.

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