How was everyone’s weekend? Hope it was lovely.

We enjoyed beautiful gorgeous San Francisco weather, sunny, bright, warm in the sun and a bit chilly in the shade.

I started the very arduous task of cleaning up my hard drive. Maybe it would be easier to just purchase another external hard drive, then I can just keep transferring the files instead of actually opening up each folder and deleting crappy photos.

What do you do with all your files?

Here are some photos that I love which never received any processing attention.  I will post more as I continue to clean and organize my files.

Wish me luck. 😉

Photo Credit:

second photo taken by Soraj Prathnadi/processed by me

third photo taken by Seth Restaino/processed by me


  • I organize my photos by month and year. Also, I keep digital separate from film (and use a different cataloging method for film). And, with regard to crappy photos, I keep them too. You just don’t know when they’ll appeal to the eye down the road. But, of course, I don’t shoot as often. The most I’ve taken in a month is around 150-175.

    In terms of organizing, a friend uses Windows Photo Gallery to organize all of his photos on his computer. He seems to be satisfied with it. If you’ve seen the Art Wolfe photo show on PBS, Windows Photo Gallery is one of his sponsors. Whether Art Wolfe uses it to organize, …

    If anything, if your photo files/folders are backed up onto CD or DVD, make sure you check the disks every once in a while. The disks are subject to “data rot”, i.e., the files/folders become corrupt. Shelf life of data on a disk is about 3-5 years max.

    Much success in organizing your photo files.

    P.S. Like your standalone blog. Very clean lines, very nice.

  • I just started organizing my photos. I’m using month and year, but I am already starting to rethink that. I don’t think my mind works that way, so trying to find a specific photo might be difficult. Also, anything more than 6 months old I move off of my Mac and onto an Iomega external hard drive.

    The photo of you and Seth is absolutely wonderful. You complement each other so well.

    Also, I am really loving the look of your blog. Font and colors are excellent. Really like your “Cindy Loughridge Photography” logo. From a design perspective it’s a home-run. Usually I see logos and the kerning is, often times off, and, with my graphic design background, that just makes me cringe. Not yours. Excellent.

  • Hi Erik

    Thank you! I was going for minimalistic so that the photos would shine through.

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